klinika dentystyczna Gliwice

Welcome to our Family Dentistry Clinic.

Medical-Dent Clinic is a unique place on the Silesian map, created with heart and passion, where
you will feel safe. The clinic was created for everyone who wants to comfort and professionalism,
and above all, treatments performed on the highest level. Putting on the comfort and safety of our
patients we have prepared on the surface close three hundred square meters highly specialized, airconditioned
offices. Each of them is equipped with modern dental and diagnostic equipment, which
provides you with comprehensive and safe treatment, using proven techniques. We have a digital Xray
studio, which allows us to make a very accurate diagnosis. As a result, each stage of treatment is
carefully refined to the individual needs of each from our patients. We started our activity in 2010
and gained the trust of several thousand Patients. The trust you have given us over the years and
your smile is the crowning of our efforts. Thank you for your trust.